The Rights of Working Women

First, consideration must be given to international labor standards relating to the legal protection of working women in mind, whether you want to ratify the agreements relating to women, or when adjusting the national legislation so that this legislation be consistent with these standards.

Second, the need to explicitly on the principle of equality between women and men in terms of employment and wages, and so for the Arab legislation that does not include this principle explicitly.

Third, the need to amend the legislation prohibiting the employment of Arab women as an asset in the night, in line with international labor standards that make the ban on the employment of women at night represents an exception to the general principle.

Fourth, the need to reconsider the duration of maternity leave and submit them to 14 weeks in line with international labor standards and in particular the International Convention No. 183 of 2000 on the protection of motherhood.

Fifth, the need for the text in the Arab labor legislation on entitlement to women’s maternity leave, regardless of the completion of the period of pregnancy to include involuntary abortions for working women.

Sixth, The text must be in Arabic on labor legislation requiring employers to provide lactation facilities and nurseries for the children of workers has either alone or in conjunction with other business owners, so as to ensure the preservation of the health of children working.

Seventh, the need for the text to be child-care leave available to the mother and the father as the interest of the family, because the limit on the women may harm the interests of the family.

Eighth, the need for the text to get working women that die by her husband to leave several death, provided that such leave is paid for a certain period determined by national legislation, according to the circumstances of each state, and pursuant to the rule of Sharia in this regard, especially that most of the constitutions of Arab states explicitly states that the official state religion is Islam.